Children and Youth Development Center

ClientMinistry of Science and Education Republic of AzerbaijanLocationBakuDate05.01.2023Scale3053,8m2

On January 5, 2023, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva got acquainted with the conditions created at the Republican Children and Youth Creativity Center in Baku after major repairs and restoration. The building, previously referred to as the “Palace of Pioneers,” (now the Republican Children and Youth Center for Creativity) is familiar and dear to the heart of every Baku resident. The palace, which during its activity played a significant role in the formation of thousands of talented young people in various specialties, was completely renovated in 2023. The first visit to the Palace was special for the Foglie D’alloro team. We were immersed in history, imbued with the atmosphere and mood of the building itself.

Before starting work on the project, the Foglie D'alloro team studied archival photographs of the building. In order to preserve the original style of the building - the Stalinist Empire style, special attention was paid to the details of interior and exterior solutions. Iconic furniture elements were given for restoration, stucco molding was recreated from casts, and the original shades of interior paint were selected by experts. Our goal in our work was both to preserve the appearance of the building and its characteristic elements, and to introduce modern solutions and fresh ideas into the project.

The building of the Children and Youth Development Center plays an important role in education and cultural development, and is also a real historical monument reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. The main entrance delights with its beauty and grandeur. The painted coffered ceiling is framed with handmade stucco. Carved balustrades with their elegance transform the space of the palace and give it a special charm and sophistication. Visitors can admire the unique collection of paintings by famous Azerbaijani artists. Carved doors, plaster trims and tall lamps decorate the interiors of the building. Busts of great Azerbaijani poets inspire and create an atmosphere of elegance, culture and art.

After commissioning, the center organized 44 clubs in such areas as dance, musical instruments, vocals, healthy lifestyle, theater, painting, foreign languages, intellectual development, science and technology, psychology, cooking and tourism, as well as eco- club. Up to 1,500 students will study in these clubs. The Center will employ 20 administrative, 20 technical and 65 teaching staff.

The final result of the renovation work reflects the vision of the Foglie D’alloro team, and we are pleased that the Republican Center for Children and Youth Creativity is again ready to contribute to the development of the new generation in accordance with modern development trends.


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